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There are approximately ten different bat species which use caves in Missouri as well as a few others which could possibly be found in a cave, but which are unlikely to make frequent use of them.  

2015 - 2016 Missouri Bat Hibernacula Surveys and White Nose Syndrome Disease Surveillance Effort by Shelly Colatskie and Tony Elliott, Missouri Department of Conservation

Missouri Bat Hibernacula Results of 2011-2017, Following White Nose Syndrome Arrival by Shelly Colatskie, Missouri Department of Conservation

002 Ozark big-eared COTO
003 Big brown EPFU
008 Gray MYGR
009 Small footed MYLE
010 Little brown MYLU
011 Northern MYSE
012 Indiana MYSO
015 Generic myotis MYSP
020 Evening NYHU
021 Pipistrelle PESU
022 Unidentified bat  


Photo by Shelly Collatskie

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