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Cave Files Report for January – April 2016


Great piles of new information are streaming in, challenging the capacity of the data keepers to keep up. It is (as Spike says) like trying to drink from a firehose.  But keep it coming!

Here are some of the contributions and, as always, these are the ones that have been processed so something probably got missed in the confusion.


Kirsten Alvey sent:

-New cave location for Marion County, this one being in, more-or-less, downtown Hannibal.


Jon Beard sent:

-Map of Miners Cave, Christian County.

-An inspiring account of the Conquest of Lowell Cave.

-A nice map of Dripping Cave, Christian County, on Mark Twain NF land.

-Over 300 faunal records from SW MO, the results of years of careful record-keeping plus new records from recent monitoring.

-Over 100 modified records, mostly from Christian County.

-Map of Island Cave in Greene County.

-Another 500 faunal records, gleaned from his old records and trip reports in grotto newsletters.

-Map of Baker Cave, Christian County.


Michael Bradford sent:

-Very nice map of Sunset Cave, Pulaski County, a cave on a stretch of the Gasconade that, amazingly, few people have looked at.

-Information on cave leads in St. Louis County.


Josh Brewer sent:

-Maps of Davis Cave #2 and Davis Cave #3 on Mark Twain NF land in Pulaski County.

-Map of Lower Hooten Cave on MTNF in Pulaski County.


Shelly Colatskie of MDC sent:

-Photographs, location improvement and other information on a cave in Warren County.

-Correction to bio record for a cave in Stone County.

-Numerous other small contributions to cave life and cave owner information.


Jim Cooley sent:

-Maps of Boat Shelter Cave, Double Opening Cave, Submarine Beaver Cave, and Mosquito Cave all from Lake of the Ozarks State Park in Miller and Camden Counties.

-Map of Jedlick-Vollmer Cave in Camden County.

-Landowner info for a Camden county cave.

-Map of Coakley Spring Cave, Camden County, Lake Ozarks State Park.

-Five new cave locations from Camden County and one new location from Shannon County.

-50-some new faunal records and a pile of use monitoring records.

-A nice update on work at Lake of the Ozarks SP.


Spike Crews sent:

-Four new caves and some corrections from MTNF land in Pulaski County.

-Confirmation of location and photograph of Fairview Cave on MTNF land in Pulaski County.

-27 faunal records and 8 monitoring records, results of MSM work on MTNF caves in Pulaski County.


Tony Elliott of MDC sent:

-Information on a couple of biologically important caves in Franklin County.


Susan Farrington of MDC sent:

-Revised locations from MDC caves in Shannon County.


Roy Gold sent:

-photo of Bob Taylor in Lowell Cave, Wright County.


Brenda Goodnight sent:

-Two monitoring reports and several faunal records


Ken Grush sent:

-Updated map records and map archives set

-21 faunal records from old reports.

-Over 400 new related reports

-New record set for Vernon County, incorporating caves that had appeared in Missouri Speleology but never been assigned numbers.

-Revised files for Moniteau, Morgan, Marion, Newton, and Monroe counties

-58 new faunal records gleaned from the files

-296 related reports, also gleaned from the files.


Josh Hafner sent:

-Photographs from a large cave in Ste. Genevieve.


James Halpern of the USFS sent:

-Information on a cave archaeology site on the MTNF.


Eric Hertzler sent:

-Map of Redford Cave, Christian County

-Map of Bliss Spring Cave, Christian County

-Map of Dewitt Pit, Christian County.

-Map of Case De Loco Shelter Cave in Camden County


Derik Holtmann sent:

-Great photos of a variety of caves on Pioneer Forest and MDC land.


Patti House added:

-a bunch of new faunal records from Ozark Riverways, gleaned from the files.


Scott House added:

-Maps of Bench Cave and Buttram Hollow Spring Cave from Taney County, MTNF.

-Reports and faunal records and other stuff in some quantity.


Mark Jones sent:

-A bunch of faunal and monitoring records from Ozark Riverways and Mark Twain National Forest.


Dan Lamping sent:

-Draft of Plundered Canyon Cave on LAD/Pioneer land in Shannon County.

-Correction on a cave location on Pioneer lands elsewhere in Shannon County.

-Faunal records from Green Cave and Hamilton Spring Cave, Meramec SP

-New report on Banker Hollow Cave on MDC land in Shannon County.

-New related record for a Warren County cave.

-New related record and report for a cave in the Ozark Riverways.

-Faunal and monitoring records for MVG/CRF trips to two MDC caves in Shannon County.

-Faunal and monitoring records for trips to several Ozark Riverways caves.

-A new cave from Jefferson County, courtesy of archaeologist Mike Fuller.

-Cultural information from Fuller on a cave in Phelps County.

-A correction for faunal records from Texas County.

-An overlay of SH Cave in Shannon County

-Map of Flowstone Pit Cave in St. Louis County.

-A new cave report for Ste. Genevieve County from Derrick Weisbrod


Joe Light sent:

-Information on more lost caves from St. Louis, courtesy of the voluminous files of Lang Brod.


Alex Litsch sent:

-Map of Creek side Cave on MTNF land in Pulaski County. Cave mapped by several new members of MSM.

-Map of Dusty Ledge Cave, also on MTNF Pulaski County, surveyed by MSM.


Chad McCain sent in:

-Report on a new cave in Perry County.

-Report and photo for a new cave on MTNF land in Ripley County.

-Map of Bates Cave in Jefferson County, surveyed by Chad and Shelly Colatskie

-FileMaker reports on three new caves in Ste. Genevieve County.

-An improved location and photographs for a cave in Pettis County.

-Updated map on a large cave in Ste. Genevieve County.


Ben Miller sent:

-Map of Shoulder Walk Cave in McDonald County.

-Records of new caves from Barry County.

-New and revised records of caves from McDonald County.

-Maps of Cotter Column Cave and Border Dome Cave on MTNF land in Barry County.

-Maps of Creekbluff Cave and Buzzard Trees Cave, McDonald County

-Maps of Manning Cave and Highway Cave in McDonald County.


Jim Ruedin sent:

-Faunal counts from five caves in Shannon County.


Rhonda Rimer of MDC sent:

-Reports and faunal counts for two caves in Christian County.

-Faunal counts and report for two caves in Greene and McDonald County.

-Faunal counts from a cave in Stone County.

-Information on two caves in Boone County.

-Information on caves in Christian, Dade, and Ozark Counties

-Report on a cave in Barry County.


Kayla Sapkota sent:

-Faunal records from several caves, all from a trip to Taney County on MTNF land.


Tony Schmitt sent:

-Photos, use monitoring and faunal counts from an Ozark Riverways cave.

-Locations for several new caves in Shannon County.


Dan Slais sent:

-Monitoring and faunal reports from a Pulaski County cave.


Mick Sutton sent:

-Clarification on faunal records

-122 faunal records, mostly gleaned from old Missouri Speleology issues

-A whole new species table showing 1151 different species

-Monitoring reports from MTNF caves.

-Sixty-some new faunal records from various MTNF trips.


Edmund Tucker sent:

- Several GPS locations for new cave leads in Perry County.


Craig Williams sent:

-Cultural reports on a couple of Barry County caves on Mark Twain NF land.


Shawn Williams sent:

-Reports on McCubbin Spring Cave in Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Shannon County.


Richard Young submitted:

-Cultural reports on a number of small caves on the upper Jacks Fork River in the Ozark Riverways.

-Cultural reports on several more caves in an MDC natural area in Shannon County.

-Cultural reports for a number of caves in the Cassville and Ava Districts of Mark Twain NF.


So far this calendar year we have added forty new caves to the files and “lost” two because they were duplicates of something else.


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