Cave Files Report: May 2017

Missouri Speleological Survey

Cave Files Report:  May 2017


Aaron Addison sent: Confirmed the location of a cave that was published in the NSS Speleodigest (1997) and LEG Crawlway Courier (1993). Andrew Brumfield (Pit) now has a home in the database. Also a nearby pit which was published in the Courier as Pits of Little Egypt Pit in 1993 has been linked to a Chad McCain entry for Kris Hartman, Skylight Pit from 2009. Location and McCain confirm it is the same cave.

Jon Beard sent: New maps of Jodies Cave and Silent Salamander in Christian Co.; New map of Moonshine Hole in Barry Co.; New map Fitzpatrick Cave, long held in amongst a cluster of caves in Christian Co.; This one finally gets the detail of a stand-alone map. This map is part of the Robert Taylor legacy of undrafted maps that Jon has so diligently pursued; New map of Big Cave in Green Co.

Jim Cooley sent: New map of Big Barren Church Cave in Ripley Co. The church just happens to be near to a creek of the same name; New maps of the adjacent Fly Cave No. 1 & 2, along with River Road Cave map all in St. Clair Co.

Bill Gee sent: Faunal records in 30 spreadsheets representing 10 years of reporting by the fine folks of Carroll Cave Conservancy.

Dan Lamping sent: New map of Scotia Furnace Cave in Crawford Co.; A new cave report Baumgartner Cave in St. Louis Co., a joint effort with Joe Light; Monitoring forms and faunal record for Big Bear Cave in Shannon Co., an LAD property worked with Jim Reudin, Derik Holtmann, Alicia Wallace, Darrell Routt; New faunal records and use monitoring on 4 caves in Huzzah Wildlife, work done on the MSS meeting weekend at Onondaga Cave St. Park.

Joe Light sent: A newspaper clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch featuring Joe Light holding a Cherokee Cave (SLO) sign and article on the history of the cave; A photo “essay” of a new Baumgartner Cave in St. Louis Co.; Report, faunal records and photos (Light and Tony Schmitt’s photos) on Fogelbach Cave. Cave is entered through one of the St. Louis Co. sewer plates!; Report and photos on Fleming Cave in Crawford Co. and visited during the MSS weekend meeting and caving.

Chad McCain sent: An FMP database of 15 new caves in Ste. Genevieve Co. Many supplied by Alex Litsch. Great team work; New map of Skylight dome, the cartography was done by Alex Litsch; Upgraded Lincoln Co. Sugar Creek Cave’s location to a GPS location and added a new cave for the county, Little Sugar Creek Cave in same area. Mateo of the MVG supplied the material to Chad; Compiled trip reports from Jonathan Beard, Dan Lamping, McCain and Jim Sherrell for the Berome Moore mapping trip in May, over 3,000 ft of survey.

Mick Sutton sent: A collection of 140 faunal records from DNR on Devil’s Icebox; Monitoring forms and faunal records for 3 caves visited during the MSS weekend at Onondaga Cave State Park: Bat, Bear and Sewer Caves; Three Creek Shaft Gate Scale object – George Bilbrey 6 reports on Great Scott Cave that were collected from archival Missouri Conservationist and the Underground Leader, newsletter from the School of the Ozarks Troglophiles!

– Ken Grush 

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