Cave Files Report for May - August 2016

Missouri Speleological Survey  

Files Report for May – August 2016

Busy as always with lots of contributions from all over.


Kirsten Alvey sent:

-570 (more or less) faunal reports (bat counts) from Missouri Bat Census, incorporated by Ken Grush into the faunal records.

-Locations for 30-something new cave locations from a variety of counties including McDonald, Boone, Ralls, Newton, Maries, and Dallas.

-Four new caves from Warren County, entered by Ken.


Jon Beard sent:

-New cave locations from the ridgewalking efforts of Brandon Van Dalsem. This batch was from Mark Twain NF lands in Barry County.

-Map of Secret Garden Cave, McDonald County.

-Map of Stone Barrier Cave on MTNF land in Barry County.

-Information on FF Highway Cave in Greene County


George Bilbrey sent:

-A faunal sighting from Round Spring Cave.


Josh Brewer sent:

-Maps of Slab Filled Cave (MTNF Barry County) plus Armadillo Cave and Gnatty Crawl Cave, which may be on MDC land near Roaring River.


Shelly Colatskie of MDC sent:

-288 faunal records (bat counts) from a variety of privately owned caves.


Jim Cooley sent:

-Five new cave maps, all from Lake of the Ozarks State Park where Jim and others have been actively mapping all the unmapped caves and finding new ones.

-High Cave map from Ozark Riverways

-Cave maps of four new caves from Shannon, Camden, and Oregon County.

-Map of Pin Oak Cave from Lake of the Ozarks State Park.

-Faunal and monitoring records for a bunch of caves in Lake of the Ozarks SP. The faunal records alone were something like 134.

-Map of Conduit Cave in Shannon County.


Ken Grush sent:

-Aforementioned faunal records from Kirsten Alvey

-Aforementioned faunal records from Shelly Colatskie

-Numerous corrections

-New maps table for the database

-Big pile of related records from Sainte Genevieve County.

-Eight new faunal records gleaned from old records

-295 related records from St. Louis and other counties from a variety of sources including materials sent by Joe Light.

-New main table records for City of St. Louis, incorporating various sources but especially material from Joe Light.

-New related and modified records from Perryville.


Paul Hauck sent:

-Trip reports for Crevice Cave, Perry County.


Scott House added:

-Odds and ends corrections and deletions, etc.

-Various faunal records.

-A bunch of cave maps that had been finished over the previous year including Thompson Creek Cave on Pioneer Forest in Shannon County, Lawrence Hollow Cave in Shannon, a revised version of White Oak Onyx Cave in Barry (thanks Jon for adding a profile), Vine Shelter (SHN) redraft, Buttram Hollow Cave and Bench Cave in Taney, and a variety of odds and other ends.


Gary Johnson sent:

-Maps of Clymore Cave, Stovepipe Cave, Hickory County. Stovepipe was mapped some years ago and Gary salvaged the map from the old notes.

-Biology notes from Clymore Cave.


Dan Lamping sent:

-Draft map of Wallace Cave in the Ozark Riverways.

-Report and faunal records on Ralphord Cave, Boone County.

-Faunal and use monitoring records from several caves along the Jacks Fork River.

-Faunal and use monitoring records from Hamilton Spring Cave in Meramec State Park.

-Faunal and use monitoring records from Catacomb Cave in St. Louis County.

-Detailed database reports and faunal records on several caves in Ste. Genevieve County.

-New monitoring records from Ozark Riverways

-Related records for Powder Mill Creek Cave

-Faunal and other associated records from Cliff Cave, St. Louis Co.

-Very nice photos from a bio-inventory trip in Welch Spring Cave, Ozark Riverways.

-Final map of Corral Cave on Mark Twain NF in Washington County.


Joe Light sent:

-Report on Grone Brewery Cave in St. Louis city.

-Information on the partial destruction of Coon Cave, Franklin County.

-A bunch (and I mean a bunch) more material from St. Louis city and county.


Alex Litsch sent:

-Cave reports for three new MTNF caves in Pulaski County.

-Five cave maps from Pulaski, Newton, and Osage Counties.

-Monitoring and faunal reports from Callaway and Boone Counties on USFS land.

-Reports on a search for a cave lead near Columbia. The lead came from a person who visited the cave in the late 1950’s but the entrance apparently collapsed some decades ago.

-Map of Sears Cave and Sears Spring Cave in Newton County, co-drafted with Jon Beard.


Chad McCain sent in:

-Updated map of Gegg Cave, Ste. Genevieve County.

-New cave report for a cave in Franklin County.

-One hundred seventy-nine trip reports as related records. This includes a vast number of trips to Blackfathom, Crevice Cave, etc. Chad sent these all neatly ready as database records that were easy to import into the main database.

-Map of Batty’s Cave, Ste. Genevieve County

-Map of Tannerite Cave, Franklin County.

-Nearly 100 modified records from Ste. Gen County. Chad added dimensions, notes, lengths, descriptions, etc. to all of these records, tracked and exported them for easy incorporation into the master database. Really nice work!

-New related records from Rob Kavaliauskas and others.

-Various maps and line plots from the Gegg Cave project.


Ben Miller sent:

-Map of Blunderbuss Cave, McDonald county, and Dauber Cave, Barry County.

-Nice map of Chilton Creek Cave, Carter County, which is, confusingly, within the borders of Ozark Riverways but actually on the Chilton Creek Preserve, owned by The Nature Conservancy.


Rhonda Rimer of MDC sent:

-New faunal records for Rantz Cave in Christian County.


Jim Sherrell sent:

-A faunal report from Adam Marty on a Dent County cave.


Chris Shulse of MoDoT sent:

-Photos and other information on a new cave in Franklin County.


Mick Sutton sent:

-Entire new data set for the species table in the database. That now stands at 1156 different species (or at least near species) found in caves in the Ozarks. Mick works with Mike Slay in AR to make sure the tables are compatible.


Edmund Tucker sent:

-GPS coordinates and photos of cave leads and improved locations of caves near Perryville.


Craig Williams sent:

-A report on investigations on several caves on US Forest Service and NPS lands.


Shawn Williams sent:

-Detailed report on McCubbin Spring Cave, Shannon County.


Alberta Zumwalt sent:

-Photographs of Goodwin Pit, Laclede County


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