Cave Files Report for September – December 2016

Missouri Speleological Survey

Cave Files Report for September – December 2016


Busy as always with lots of contributions from all over.


Jon Beard sent:

-Map of Twelve Barrel Cave in Christian County

-A bunch of Christian County corrections and new caves

-Map of Genesic Dome Cave on MTNF in Christian County

-Beautiful map of Crystal Caverns in Barry County, all 2944 feet of it. The survey was begun way back in 1999 by bob Taylor and Jon finished it up.

-Fifteen or so replacement and new records, including five new caves in Polk County (courtesy of Richard Thompson).

-Five new and one modified record from Barton County which is close to Kansas.

-Map of Patton Branch Cave in Barton County

-Map of Hall Branch Cave, Greene County


Michael Bradford sent:

-LiDAR maps relative to Chad McCain’s project in Ste. Gen county.


Shelly Colatskie of MDC sent:

-Several faunal records


Jim Cooley sent:

-Map(s) of Pin Oak Cave in Lake Ozarks State Park.

-New related records of reports and faunal observations from a variety of caves.

-Map of Piney Creek Keyhole Cave in Barry County.

-Map of Lime Kiln Hollow Cave in Oregon County.

-New caves from Hickory and Oregon Counties plus a revised record.

-Map of Knobby Creek Cave, Benton County

-Map of Cave Spring Shelter, Shannon County.

-Map of Jacks Cave, Ripley County.

-And more modified, related, and faunal records.


Artur Gitzen of Frankfurt/Main, Germany sent:

- Information on cave species from a few caves in Ste. Gen and Jefferson County.


Ken Grush sent:

-About 400 new related reports and faunal records from a variety of sources.

-New maps table with 5088 records.

-And more related records from Perryville.

-And another sixty-six new faunal records from old information

-A variety of other items for the database.


Paul Hauck sent:

-Copies of survey notes and a trip report from Crevice Cave.


Scott House added:

-Photos of a few Perryville caves.

-Bunch of data fixes

-Revised map of Natural Bridge Tunnel in Ozark County.

-Faunal records from a number of caves (going back through old survey books).

-Maps of Legion Caves and Schafer Caves in Perryville.

-Newly redrafted maps of three caves in Ozark Riverways.


Ed Klausner & Mark Jones sent:

-A fat envelope with postcards from Missouri caves, including some nice ones of Round Spring Caverns. Ken Grush digitized them for our files.


Dan Lamping sent:

-A revised map of Centennial Falls Cave in Shannon County.

-New faunal records and trip reports

-Very nice new map of Ralphord Cave, Boone County.

-Report, faunal records, and monitoring record for a trip to SH Cave, Shannon County.

-Survey data file for Banker Hollow Cave, Shannon County.


Mike Leer of MMV sent:

-Bio and monitoring report for a St. Louis County cave.


Chris Lewis sent:

-Nice satellite overlay of Allie Spring Cave and Mill Creek Cave in Pulaski County, based on map data being accumulated.

-A very nice overlay product of Garrison #2 Cave; in which the thing “runs” in HTML and you can “transparentize”  the aerial view to look “under” at the cave map. Cool.


Joe Light sent:

-Reports on Lone Hill Onyx Cave.


Alex Litsch sent:

-Data and map on a new cave on MTNF land in Callaway County.

-Bio reports (including photographs) on a Phelps County cave.


Chad McCain sent in:

-Lots of new information on Esoteric Cave in Ste. Genevieve County.

-Walls project file for the same cave system.

-Reports on trips into Esoteric Cave

-Updates on files on several Shannon County caves on Pioneer Forest.

-Database reports on a bunch of new caves along the Katy Trail in Boone County, plus new caves from a couple of other counties.

-Maps of Fallen Giant Cave and Pigs Ankle Cave both on MTNF land in Ripley County.

-New cave report for Perry County.

-Report on Kohms Cave, Ste. Genevieve County

-Maps of Salamander Cave, Breakdown Cave, Stacked Cave, and Hideout Cave all in Howell County, on MTNF land.

-Map of Eagle Bluff Cave in Boone County.

-Map of Railroad Cave, Wayne County, on MTNF land.

-Map of Piney Creek Cave, Barry County, on MTNF.

-Reports on five caves in Ste. Genevieve County, four of them new.

-Related records on trips to various SGE caves. All import nicely into the database.


Ben Miller sent:

-Maps of Cave Trail and Cougar Caves, McDonald County.

-Maps of Woodroof Cave and Two View Cave, MDD

-Descriptions of two of the above…

-Map of Yarnell Branch Cave and Goat Man Cave, both in McDonald County.


Rhonda Rimer of MDC sent:

-Location and report on a new cave in Greene County.


Jo Schaper sent:

-Informative article from a Facebook page posting reprinting an older article on Radium Cave in Barry County.


Mick Sutton sent:

-Description of Great Scott Cave biology.

-Additional new species for the species table.

-Map of a Crawford County cave on MTNF.

-A bunch of new bio records and bio descriptions.


Scott House

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