A History of Cliff Cave

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The history of Cliff Cave located in Oakville, MO, south of St. Louis.

This issue is 50+ pages of history and photographs. 

The historical topics included are:

  • The prehistory of Cliff Cave and the region.
  • Geology of Cliff Cave.
  • A push by Mr. L.U. Reavis to relocated the nations capital to atop Cliff Cave.
  • Party time at Cliff Cave when steamboats and trains ruled the land.
  • Cliff Cave Winery - The remains can be seen today.
  • Numerous people getting lost in the cave.
  • Rumors or lost murals and rooms full of snakes
  • Suicides in the cave.
  • A couple of kids hiding an arsenal of weapons in the cave.
  • The entrance to the cave was almost dynamited shut.
  • History on the creation of the park.
  • Information about the disaster in the cave when six lives were lost due to a flash flood in 1993.
  • Tons of historical pictures, modern pictures, and overlays.



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