Missouri Speleological Survey, “MSS” MoSpeleo, volume 06, number 02, 1964

Missouri Speleological Survey, “MSS” MoSpeleo, volume 06, number 02, 1964


The Missouri Speleological Survey has adopted a policy of restricting cave locations in an effort to curb vandalism by irresponsible individuals and groups. In accordance with this policy, location coordinates have been deleted from maps and reports published in the journal, Missouri Speleology. Recently, a committee recommended that in order to further insure the security of cave locations the cave names should also be deleted. However, before this policy of deleting cave names became effective, serious object-ions were raised. This policy was subsequently reevaluated at the spring MSS Board of Directors meeting held at Jefferson City on April 25, 1964. The consensus of opinion of the Directors was that the slight improvement in security was far outweighed by the deleterious effects of name deletion. After a careful appraisal of the problem, the Board of Directors by unanimous vote established the new MSS policy on cave names.

Henceforth, cave names will in general be included on the maps and reports constituting the county surveys published in Missouri Speleology. In certain exceptional cases, the editor may delete the name of a cave, when disclosure of that name would be obviously unwise. In the case of research papers, the author’s wishes will prevail. It is intended that this policy, rather than being rigid and universal, should establish guidelines for editorial conduct, and it should be flexible enough to cover unusual situations. The same policy is applicable to Liaison, the MSS Newsletter.

There has been no change in MSS policy concerning cave locations, which are still considered to be confidential information. Locations are generally available only to cooperators of MSS, who are defined as members in good standing of the seven MSS member organizations and non-affiliated individuals contributing information to the Survey. Others having a legitimate requirement for cave locations may obtain this information by sending a written re-quest to the chairman, including all information necessary to establish the credentials of the requestor. The request should state the reason for the request and give personal references, organization affiliations (if any), professional or student status, and any other data pertaining to the request. Individuals or groups eligible to receive information upon request approval include the following:

1.            Members of speleological organizations.

2.            The faculty of universities, and students engaged in cave research.

3.            Governmental bodies.

4.            Conservation groups.

5.            Cave (property) owners and commercial cave operators.



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