MSS Cave Map Archive Update and Stats January 2016

MSS Cave Map Archive Update and Stats January 2016

Report compiled by Ken Grush

Many thanks to all the map contributors to the MSS Cave Map Archive in 2015.  The map database reports 114 entries with a 2015 date.  However, this represents only 100 caves, since many maps are submitted in duplicate for both color and B&W, or with “restricted” input (biology or archaeology).  Surveyed footage, of course includes previous years’ footwork, but represents almost 5 miles of survey where the cartography has been completed.

Of the 100 new maps added in 2015, not all were caves mapped in that same year.  Some were caves which had been mapped at earlier dates but which had maps finished and submitted in 2015.  Old maps that have 2015 cartography do reflect a 2015 date. 

By comparison, 2014 had 144 map submittals reflecting 112 caves.

There are 4,856 digital entries in the cave map database; however, this does not represent maps for 4,856 caves. After some analysis of how many individual caves have at least one map I would place the number of caves mapped in Missouri at about 3500 or roughly half of the current accession numbers that are in the database.  These maps are at various states of completion, most of which would be considered finished maps by modern standards and some of which would be considered unfinished drafts by today's standards. These maps are included in the total becasuse in some cases they're the closest thing we have to finished maps for particular caves.

Edmund Tucker sketching in Crevice Cave.  Photo by Alex Roberts




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