New discoveries in Carroll Cave

The South Fork of DL7 keeps growing!         by Dan Lamping

In December of 2014 the Carroll Cave surveyors mapped 907' in the South Fork of DL7 during a tough, 22 hour trip. This makes 3,965 of mapped passage in the South Fork. 

With one lead remaining the South Fork could be near its end as the passage appears to be shutting down, in relation to a large surface feature.  

Though getting past that could lead to much more cave. Only time and another tough trip will tell. This brings the total survey of Carroll up to 20.17 miles.  

DL7 currently stands at 4.32 miles of mapped passage with a very promising lead and several less leads still in the North Fork.   

Bob Lerch and Dan Lamping in Grandpa Hall at the back of DL7's South Fork.  This named after the recent addition to the Lerch family and Bob's new role as a grandfather.  Photo by Tony Schmitt

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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