Missouri Speleology

 Missouri Speleology

Journal of the Missouri Speleological Survey, Inc  

For over 50 years, developments in Missouri survey, speleology and cave technology have been covered in Missouri Speleology, the journal of the MSS. From how to map a cave, to what caves need mapping, from what cave systems exist to proving the existence of cave biota, Missouri Speleology has provided accurate information in an easily readable format.


Volume 1 Number 1             The Caves of Barry and Benton Counties, Missouri,

Volume 1, Number 2            The Caves of Boone County, Missouri. 

Volume 1, Number 3            The Caves of Callaway and Camden Counties,               

Volume 1 Number 4             The Caves of Carter, Christian, Cole and Crawford             
                                                 Counties, Missouri.

Volume 2, Number 1            The Caves of Dallas, Dent and Douglas Counties,

Volume 2, Number 2            The Caves of Franklin County, Missouri. 

Volume 2, Number 3            The Caves of Gasconade, Greene, Hickory, Howell, 
                                                 Jackson, Jasper,Jefferson, and Laclede Counties

Volume 2, Number 4            The Caves of Lincoln, Madison, Maries, and Marion
                                                 Counties, Missouri.

Volume 3, Number 1            The Design of a Rangefinder for Cave Mapping.

Volume 3, Number 2            The Caves of Miller County, Missouri. 

Volume 3, Number 3            The Caves of Moniteau, Morgan, Monroe, and 
                                                 Montgomery Counties, Missouri.
Volume 3, Number 4            Caves of Oregon and Osage Counties, Missouri. 

Volume 4, Number 1-2        Cave Mapping: A Systematic Approach. 

Volume 4, Number 3            Cave Pearls - Salamanders - Research Cave. 

Volume 4, Number 4            Caves in the Geologic Column. 

Volume 5, Number 1            The Caves of Phelps County, Missouri. 

Volume 5, Number 2-3        The Caves of Pike County, Missouri. 

Volume 5, Number 4            The Dire Wolf in Missouri.

Volume 6, Number 1            Stratigraphy of Detrital Fills of Carroll Cave, Camden 
                                                 County, Missouri.

Volume 6, Number 2            Caves of Pulaski County and the MSS Policy on Cave 

Volume 6, Number 3            Cherokee Cave, St. Louis, Missouri.

Volume 6, Number 4            Bats/Cherokee Cave. 

Volume 7, Number 1            Caves of Ralls County, Missouri. 

Volume 7, Number 2            Caves of St. Charles and St. Clair County, Missouri. 

Volume 7, Number 3            Caves of Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.

Volume 7, Number 4            Fossil Pleistocene Mammals - Onyx Mining. 

Volume 8, Number 1            Caves of St. Louis County, Missouri. 

Volume 8, Number 2            Memorial Issue: Maurice G. Mehl. 

Volume 8, Number 3            10th Anniversary Issue.

Volume 8, Number 4            Caves of Shannon County, Missouri. 

Volume 9, Number 1            Parasitic Bat Mites - Maze Cave Fauna. 

Volume 9, Number 2            Caves of Stoddard and Stone County, Missouri.

Volume 9, Number 3            Caves of Texas and Warren Counties, Missouri.

Volume 9, Number 4            Caves of Washington County

Volume 10, Number 1          Geological Papers.

Volume 10, Number 2          Cave Regions of the Ozarks. 
                                                 (Reprint of Luella Agnes Owen's Book.)

Volume 10, Number 3          Guidebook to Selected Caves in Southwestern
Volume 10, Number 4          Guide to the Amphibians of Missouri. 

Volume 11, Number 1-2      History of the Caves of Camden County, Missouri.

Volume 11, Number 3          Possible Former Entrance to Devils Icebox, Boone 
                                                 County, Missouri and Historic Caves of St. Louis
Volume 11, Number 4          Caves of Wayne and Wright Counties, Missouri. 

Volume 12, Number 1          Caves of Jefferson County, Missouri. 

Volume 12, Number 2          Pit Caves of Jefferson County, Missouri.

Volume 12, Number 3          Sandstone Caves of Jefferson County, Missouri.

Volume 12, Number 4          Status of the Gray Bat in Missouri Caves. 

Volume 13, Number 1          Caves of Laclede County, Missouri.

Volume 13, Number 2          An Investigation into Ground Water Pollution in Caves.

Volume 13, Number 3          Report of the Devils Icebox-Rockbridge Park 
                                                 Conservation Task Force.
Volume 13, Number 4          Geology of Twin Pit Cave, Boone County, Missouri. 

Volume 14, Number 1          Meramec Valley Symposium. 

Volume 14, Number 2          Groundwater Problems in Southwest Missouri and
                                                 Northwest Arkansas.

 Volume 14, Number 3         Biological Investigations at Ozark Underground 

Volume 14, Number 4          The Invertebrate Fauna of Mystery Cave, Perry 
                                                 County, Missouri.

Volume 15, Number 1          A Pleistocene Fauna from Zoo Cave, Taney County, 

Volume 15, Number 2          A Checklist of the Invertebrate Species Recorded from 
                                                 Missouri Subterranean Habitats.

Volume 15, Number 3          Caves of Christian County, Missouri. (Eastern Half). 

Volume 15, Number 4          Caves of Christian County, Missouri. (Western Half). 

Volume 16, Number 1-2      Hydrogeologic Controls of Solution of Carbonate Rocks
                                                  in Christian County, Missouri.
Volume 16, Number 3          Water Tracer's Cookbook. 

Volume 16, Number 4          A Biological Study of Cathedral Cave, Crawford   
                                                 County, Missouri.

Volume 17, Number 1-2      Caves of Reynolds and Shannon Counties, Missouri. 

Volume 17, Number 3-4      Archaeological Investigations: Cave Explorations in 
                                                 the Ozark Region of Central Missouri.
Volume 18, Numbers 1-4    Ozark Hydrology: A Predictive Model.

Volume 19, Number 1-2      Hydrogeology of the North Fork Basin.

Volume 19, Number 3-4       J Harlen Bretz in Missouri. 

Volume 20, Number 1-2      An Introduction to Caving, A Guide for Beginners
                                                 (Jan 1980)

Volume 20, Number 3-4      Introduction to Map Reading. 
                                                 (June 1980.)

Volume 21, Number 1-2      An Introduction to Cave Mapping (2nd Ed). 

Volume 21, Number 3-4      Caves of Crawford County. 

Volume 22, Number 1-2      Caves of the Jacks Fork Valley.

Volume 22, Number 3-4      Caves of the Current River Valley.

Volume 23, Number 1-4      The Wild Caves of Camden County, Missouri.

Volume 24, Number 1-2      Caves of Oregon County, Missouri. 

Volume 24, Number 3-4      The Gray Bat in Missouri.

 Volume 25, Number 1-4      Proceedings of the 1984 National Cave Management 

Volume 26, Number 1-2      Remains of Quaternary Vertebrates from Ozark Caves 
                                                 and Other Miscellaneous Sites.

 Volume 26, Number 3-4     Origin and Development of Cave Spring, Shannon 
                                                 County, Missouri.

Volume 27, Number 1-4      The Commercial Caves of Camden County, Missouri

Volume 28, Number 1-4      Mystery Cave 

Volume 29, Number 1-4      Rimstone River Cave 

Volume 30, Number 1-2      The Effect of Faulting on Missouri Caves

Volume 30, Number 3-4      1990, The Year of The Cave

Volume 31, Number 1-4      The Art of Cave Mapping

Volume 32, Number 1-3      Caves of Dent County

Volume 32, Number 4          Large Springs of The Upper Current and Jack's Fork 

Volume 33, Number 1-4      Caves and Cave Wildlife in a Mineral Prospecting 
                                                 Area, Oregon and Shannon Counties, Missouri.

Volume 34, Number 1-2      Morphology of the Stinson Cave System, Lawrence
                                                 County, Missouri. Geology and Morphology of the 
                                                 Ruark Cave Area, Lawrence County, Missouri 
Volume 34, Number 3-4      Smittle Cave, Wright County, Missouri
                                                 Welch Cave, Wright County, Missouri  

Volume 36, Number 1-2      Honey Branch Cave, Douglas County, Mo.

Volume 36, Number 3-4      Geology & Morphology of Brown's Cave, Douglas, Mo.

Volume 37 Number 1-2        The Wild Caves of Benton County, Missouri.

Volume 37 Number 3-4       Project Cavern  (The story of a cave-based Jet 
                                                 Propulsion in Pulaski County, Missouri) 
Volume 38 Number 1-4       Cave Sediments and the Geomorphic History of the 
Volume 39 Number 1-2       Sedementation in Missouri Caves. 

Volume 39 Number 3           A Hydrologic and Geochemical Model of the Devils 
                                                 Icebox Basin. 
Volume 39 Number 4           Geochemistry of the Springs of Missouri.

Volume 40 Number 1-4       The Shelter Caves of Barton, Bates and Vernon 
                                                 Counties, Missouri.
Volume 41 Number 1-4       The Great Below - A Geography of Caves by University 
                                                 of Missouri-Columbia Students 

Volume 42 Number 1-2       Geologic Papers
                                                   *Geologic Framework of the Ozarks of South-Central
                                                     Missouri - Contributions to a Conceptual Model of 
                                                   *Geologic Controls in the Development of Caves
                                                     in the South-Central Ozarks of Missouri
                                                   *Variation in the Response of Spring Basins to Storm

Volume 42, Number 3-4      Aqueous Geochemical Study of a Calcite-Depositing 
                                                 Ozark Creek: Tufa Creek - ShannonCounty, Missouri
Volume  43 Number 1          Caves of The Mark Twain National Forest 
                                                 Eleven Point Ranger District - Phase 2
                                                 INTRODUCTON & FAUNA AND FLORA

Volume 43 Number 2           Caves of The Mark Twain National Forest 
                                                 Eleven Point Ranger District - Phase 2
                                                 The Caves: A - G

Volume 43 Number 3           Caves of The Mark Twain National Forest
                                                 Eleven Point Ranger District -Phase 2 
                                                 The Caves: H - Z

Volume 43 Number 4           Caves of The Mark Twain National Forest 
                                                 Eleven Point Ranger District - Phase 2 
                                                 DISCUSSION, REFERENCES, MAPS
Volume 44 Number 1           The Caves of Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Volume 45 Number 1           Caves of St. Louis County, Missouri

Volume 46 Number 1           New Cave Maps of 2005

Volume 46 Number 2           The Tex Chronicles  - Book One

Volume 47 Number 1           New Cave Maps of 2006 - A Representative Sample

Volume 48 Number 1           New Cave Maps of 2007 - A Representative Sample

Volume 49 Number 1           New Cave Maps of 2008 - A Representative Sample

Volume 49 Number 2-4       An Inventory of Caves  Harry S Truman Dam &           

Volume 50 Number 2-3       Recharge Area Delineation of Garrison Cave #2 
                                                 (MSS# CHR-003), Christian County, Missouri 
                                                 Reworked loess and red clays in Missouri caves: a 
                                                 comparative compositional study

Volume 50 Number 4           An Analysis of the Eurycea Hybid Zone in Eastern
Volume 51 Number 2           Delineating Recharge Areas for Onondaga &
                                                 Cathedral Caves Using Groundwater Tracing
Volume 51 Number 3-4       Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP)
                                                 Fingerprint Analysis of Hybrid Salamanders in the 
                                                 Missouri Caverns Section of Onondaga Cave
Volume 52 Number 2-3       Garrison Cave #2 - Southwest Missouri's Longest
                                                 Known Cave                                                                     


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