Streiler City Cave Gating

Streiler City Cave regating

Streiler City Cave is a large cave located under the city of Perryville.                               Photo below of passage in Streiler City Cave.

The entrance is in a city park and consists of a section of 4' concrete pipe leading to more than 2700' of passage.

Much of this passage is of large dimension and the cave is an important biological resource. Numerous salamanders and frogs, invertebrates, and even grotto sculpin live in the cave.

But the bat population is missing owing to a fairly flimsy rebar gate that effectively keeps them from using the cave. The mission is to replace the old gate with a bat-friendly gate.

The city of Perryville is working hard to keep their caves open and biologically intact. This project will help and is being enthusiastically supported by the city.

MCKC and CRF are also supporting this effort. What we need is folks to help, particularly if you have cutting/welding experience, but all help is more than welcome - in fact, critical.

The gate will not be large, basically 9' x 5' and will be constructed over the pipe entrance, so this project is completely on the surface. We will be able to unload the steel immediately adjacent to the site.

When: Beginning Friday morning, September 23 - hopefully completing on the 24th.  A trip into the cave will be taken on completion of the gate.

Where: Viola Blechle Park in the City of Perryville. From I-55 drive 2 miles north on MO Rte 51, turn right on Star Street and go 1/2 mile to the end of Star. 1000 Star Street will get you there.

Who: MCKC, MSS, CRF, and City of Perryville.

Why: Help encourage bats to return to a large cave.

Contact:  Scott House -

                                  Photograph of current gate, which will be replaced.  

Sunday, September 4, 2016

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