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Recent efforts by Missouri cavers have been to more effectively document what's observed on cave trips so that the data can be integrated into the Missouri Cave Database for future reference and to better understand our cave resources.  

These efforts include making detailed observations of cave life to the best of the observers' reliable ability or noting apparent human activity in caves such as trash or vandalism.

Simply documenting when a trip occurred and what was observed may be invaluable to future cave management and protection.

Please feel free to download the forms on this page.  Data can be submitted to the MSS and then integrated into the Missouri Cave Database.

Before planning to do bio inventories, please be aware of your own limitations.  Bad data is worse than no data.  Please don't attempt to identify specific species, unless you've been trained to do so.  Sometime just knowing bats were present or knowing whether the bats were some species of Myotis may be of value.  Go to our Cave Biology page to learn more.

An MSS Cooperator sketching the entrance to a Perry County Cave.  


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