Carroll Cave

Carroll Cave is the second longest cave in MIssouri.  Located within Camden County, Carroll is curretly mapped to a length of 20.7 miles.  

The Carroll Cave Conservancy is a non-profit group working to define, study and protect the Carroll Cave watershed, starting from the natural entrance (a registered National Natural Landmark) from the far reaches of the cave and to the resurgence at Toronto Springs. If you'd like to help protect the beauty and diversity of this Missouri treasure then consider contributing to our organization.

See Ben Miller's Master's Thesis on The Hydrology of the Carroll Cave - Toronto Springs System as well as a paper by Ben, titled Recharge Mixing in a Complex Distributary Spring Systemin the Missouri Ozarks, USA, published in the Hydrogeology Journal.









                  Photo by Dan Lamping of Amber Spohn in Lower Thunder River, upstream from Jerry's Cairn.

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