Marvel Cave

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Marvel Cave - An Illustrated Reference Guide of Postcards, Photographs and Stereographs (80 pages)

Marvel Cave is a National Natural Landmark located in Silver Dollar City Amusement Park in Branson, MO. The cave has been a major draw for tourism in the area since 1907 when Harold Bell Wright wrote about it in his classic novel, Shepherd of the Hills.

First known as Marble Cave, this historic cave has drawn the attention of local and traveling photographers since the early 1890s. Before the cave was developed and opened as an attraction by the Lynch family in 1894, pictures were taken by the few who braved the awesome depths of the huge sinkhole entrance on a crude ladder. As a result of their efforts, early images of the cave exist today in the form of stereographs, photographs and postcards.

This publication represents a look into the Illustrated History of Marvel Cave.




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