Southwest Missouri & Springfield Plateau

Southwest Missouri is one of the most cavernous regions in the state.  It's also home to one the state's most active grottos, the Springfield Plateau Grotto.  

Several survey, documentation and cave restoration projects are currently being conducted in southwest Missouri. 

Documentation of undocumented caves, cave fauna and geology are being conducted concurrently in Barry County, Stone County, Christian County and Greene County. 

To participate in any of these, please contact the following project directors: 

Much of the work involves ridgewalking, obtaining GPS locations, photodocumentation, counting cave fauna and surveying caves in Mark Twain National Forest (as part of contracted CRF projects) and private lands. 

Major survey projects currently underway by Jon Beard et al include Carrico Cave (Dade County), Bear Cave System (Ozark County), Shoal Creek Cave (Newton County), Kettle Cave (McDonald County) and many others. 

Contact the project directors to be included in these and other survey projects.

Current cave restoration projects include Pearson Creek Cave (Greene County) and Fitzpatrick Cave (Christian County. 

If you know of additional cave restoration needs in southwest Missouri, please contact cave restoration technician Jon Beard. 

Cave restoration needs in eastern Missouri can be addressed the Ozark Conservation Task Force.

Cave restoration involves trash cleanup and removal, graffiti removal, speleothem handprint, bootprint stain removal, broken speleothem reattachment, remediation of boot quagmires on cave floors and sinkhole trash cleanups.

Contact us to get involved.












                                         Soda Straw by Roy Gold















             Soda Forest by Jim Huckins

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