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The Missouri Speleological Survey is made up of affiliate organizations, cooperators and members.  

Affiliate Organizations

SEMO Grotto

MSM Spelunkers Club

Middle Mississippi Valley Grotto

Meramec Valley Grotto

Chouteau Grotto

Kansas City Area Grotto

Pony Express Grotto

Ozark Highlands Grotto

Carroll Cave Conservancy

Springfield Plateau Grotto

Lake Ozarks Grotto

Little Egypt Grotto

Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy

Cave Archaeology Investigation and Research Network (CAIRN)

Roubidoux Grotto

Daedalus Grotto

Stygian Grotto

Most affiliate organizations are grottos of the National Speleological Society while others are cave conservancies.  

The MSS Board of Directors is made up representatives from affiliate organizations who are appointed by their respective organizations. 

The foundation of the MSS is cooperation.  Individuals and organizations who work with the MSS are considered cooperators.    

One is considered a cooperator by simply turning in data or contributing to project caving for which data goes to the MSS.  

One of the best ways to get involved in the MSS is through one of our affiliate organizations, contacting a project manager or showing up at an MSS event.  

Getting involved in caving can be difficult at times as cavers tend to be secretive until trust has been built.  So one typically has to start out by showing up to meetings and making their presence and interest known.

Proper training on techniques, gear, safety, conservation and ethics in caving are important steps to getting involved, as well as showing an interest in the cause.  

With the emergence of White Nose Sydrome (WNS) in Missouri in 2010 many publicly owned caves were closed, creating difficulties to cave access and hindering opportunities for new cavers.

However, responsible project cavers have been able to continue working in many closed caves.  

All it takes to get involved is some reliability, a willingness to learn and the ability to cooperate and contribute.

Photo by Josh Hafner

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